Saturday, December 19, 2015


I started a new work schedule on December 1.
I have had a very bad cold. This week.
I am not as comfortable sharing as I used to be.
I couldn't come up with a theme this year.
Thinking about it was easy, doing it was hard.
The interface is difficult to work with.
Spotty wifi.
Haven't I said it all before, and better?
My obsessions are probably boring to others; obsessions usually are.
I can keep my writing exercises to myself.
Not much is happening.
I don't feel any need to chime in on public events;  that leaves only private ones which seems narcissistic.
Fictions may be mistaken for fact.
It's not as easy to maintain an enthusiasm any more.
The internet isn't what it used to be.
Sometimes I'd rather go for a walk.
Once you've skipped a day, it's easier to skip the next. Repeat to end of month.
Silence is an underutilized option.

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